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Recreational Water

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Recreational Water

Nicholas County Health Department permits and conducts either semi-annual or semi-seasonal inspections of recreational water facilities according to W.Va. 64 C.S.R. 16.

A recreational water facility is a body of water under the control of a person, that has been modified, improved, constructed or installed for the purposes of public swimming or bathing.  Included are bathing beaches, swimming pools, water slides, spray pools, lazy rivers, wave pools, spas, hot tubs, therapeutic pools, hydrotherapy pools, and whirlpools.  Facilities may be operated by communities, subdivisions, apartment complexes, condominiums, clubs, schools, institutions, parks, manufactured home communities, hotels, and other public recreational facilities.  Private residential swimming pools or hot tubs are not considered recreational water facilities.

New or renovated recreational water facilities must obtain construction permitting from the West Virginia Bureau for Public Health through the submission of construction plans and appropriate fees.  Plans must be submitted at least forty-five days prior to construction.  Recreational water facilities must be designed, constructed and renovated according to ANSI/APSP standards.

Nicholas County Health Department may issue operational permits following submission of an Application for a Permit to Operate and payment of appropriate fees.  New or renovated facilities must receive an initial inspection by Nicholas County Health Department prior to issuance of a permit.  Recreational water facilities must be monitored by a qualified water facility operator certified through the National Spa and Pool Institute, YMCA, etc.  The water quality in recreational water facilities must meet minimum standards to remain open for patronage.  Water quality is monitored by Nicholas County Health Department through routine inspections and weekly submission of reports by facility operators.

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