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Water Wells

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Water Wells

Nicholas County Health Department permits the construction, modification and abandonment of commercial and residential water wells according to W.Va. 64 C.S.R. 46.  Water wells are any excavation or penetration in the ground, whether drilled, bored, cored, driven, washed, jetted, hand dug or otherwise constructed that enters or passes through an aquifer for the purposes that may include, but are not limited to, a potable water supply, exploration for water, industrial irrigation, commercial, dewatering, or geothermal heat pump wells, and water return wells.  Not included in Nicholas County Health Department permitting are water monitoring activities, and all activities for the exploration, development, production, storage and recovery of coal, oil and gas, and other mineral resources.

Waters wells must be constructed, modified or abandoned by a West Virginia Certified Well Driller, and all initial water well pumps must be installed by a West Virginia Water Well Pump Installer.  Homeowners may install the initial water well pump for their personal residence upon passing a free examination administered by Nicholas County Health Department.  Homeowners may contact Nicholas County Health Department to schedule an exam time after studying the contents of W.Va. 64 C.S.R. 46.

Nicholas County Health Department may issue water well permits upon submission of an Application for a Permit to Construct, Modify or Abandon a Water Well and payment of appropriate fees.  Nicholas County Health Department must approve all proposed water well sites prior to issuing permits.

Water from newly constructed and modified water wells should undergo laboratory analysis for bacteria before using or consuming the water.  Nicholas County Health Department may collect water samples upon submission of a Request for Water Analysis and payment of appropriate fees.  Samples may be collected weekly from Monday through Wednesday by appointment.  The West Virginia Office of Laboratory Services conducts laboratory analysis of water sample, and may charge additional fees.  Water wells may require disinfection before or following testing to ensure safe water.  Continuous water disinfection systems may be required in the event that standard disinfection methods fail to control bacteria.

Mineral water analysis is available at additional cost through the West Virginia Office of Laboratory Services.

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